Friday 1 April 2011


            In the last while there has been an outbreak of what some might call Blog Fever amongst my friends (in fact, I called it that, just now), but I have been a bit reticent in following them into blagland. I suppose part of it is worrying that it will me like some of my other ventures to record my thoughts, such as a collection of journals with entries beginning “Oh man, it has been a while since I wrote in this”, or like some of my internet ventures such as my twitter account where I posted fairly regularly for a while, and now rarely say anything.  However, hopefully I will be able to get a solid start on this blog through the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge. What this means is that every day of April (excluding Sundays) I will center a blog post on a word, phrase, idea, etc. starting with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. Hence the slightly cheaty title of this post, it being the first.
            Anyway, as this is the first post on this here blogification page, I suppose I should let you in a little bit on myself and what you can expect to find me writing. I am a 20-somthing Criminal Justice student who works part time at a thrift store, although with the end of school near at hand it will most likely be full time quite soon. I am a Canadian, although I find I don’t use “eh” much when I’m writing, so you may only notice my Canadianness when I use words like “toque”. Yes, it’s a real thing. Look it up. Most of the people reading this will probably be people who know me for realzies, and so will know much more about me than I’m probably willing to tell the interweebs, but if you happen to have any questions, go ahead. The worst that will happen is that I will say no, and ask you why on earth you would ask such a personal question, you horrible horrible person. As for what you can expect to find in subsequent posts, I can’t really say at the moment. I don’t foresee there being any real unifying concept, but who knows as this thing goes on one may emerge. What you will find is a bit of strangeness, the occasional made up word (blogification and Canadianness for example. No, not toque, we’ve been over this, it’s a real thing), geeky references, movie references, misquotes, digressions, and hopefully some witticism and intellect.
            I suppose that about wraps up what is going to be covered, in this, the first blog post. (Does anyone else always go Godfather when someone says something like that? “On this, the day of my daughter’s wedding”? Anyone? Whatever man, you’re just not as cool as me.) [Insert wonderfully concluding wrap-up thing here].


  1. "mildly geeky?" i think it's a little bit more than that dearest <3

  2. Woo! Also, props on the Godfather thing. Mad ones.

  3. Haha, yeah Dan, it happens all the time. And now it will happen to you also! Muahahaha.