Thursday 7 April 2011


          Don't even lie, you saw that title and laughed a little bit. Or maybe a lot a bit; I wouldn't want to assume. You did this because fart jokes are funny. Paul Rudd (1:09 and 4:22) and Jason Segal (0:47 and 2:04) know what I mean.

         However, I actually intended this entry to be a bit about film, so film ahoy! I have often noticed that when watching a movie seeing an actor that I really liked in another film ups my enjoyment of the current movie. I specifically noticed this last night while watching Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in which the main character's brothers are played by Jeff Murdoch from Coupling and Johnny Quid from RocknRolla. While one left me expecting him to say something horribly awkward, I was immediately able to see the other as a bit of a violent hothead. It never seems to go the other way, with a character from a film I didn't like bringing a movie down for me which is definitely a good thing. Sometimes, however, it doesn't do either such as in the case of Insidious where I just kept being pulled away from the already kinda bizarre plot by remembering the Dad character for his role as a douchebag FBI agent in The A Team.

          The final thing that F stands for today is Flickchart which is an excellent movie ranking site. If you decide to sign up at me as a friend (Monquiis) and we can compare movie lists.

          A bit all over the place today, but with that I say farewell for now.

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