Monday 4 April 2011


     On this, the day of the C post, we remain in the realm of my work. In yesterday's post I mentioned my "work smile" this smile is rather similar to my dance smile in that it is not always genuine. A rule I generally hold myself to is that while I am at work I will remain if not genuinely cheerful, at least cheerful looking. I believe that it is good customer service, and studies have shown that smiling can actually make you happy. I generally try to keep a bit of a smile on my face at all time, but at the very least if I'm out on the floor and make eye contact I will give the customer a smile, and when I am at till I always greet customers with that smile firmly in place.
     I'm afraid that it is a very small post today as I am heading out the door for Riella's birthday celebrations. So I will leave you with one more thing.

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